The Frog Who Jumped Over the Moon Richard Mickelson

ISBN: 9781632689825

Published: June 24th 2014


158 pages


The Frog Who Jumped Over the Moon  by  Richard Mickelson

The Frog Who Jumped Over the Moon by Richard Mickelson
June 24th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 158 pages | ISBN: 9781632689825 | 9.43 Mb

Do you see what I see, Two Buckets? There are thousands of frogs coming to watch me, Phineas T. Barrel III, make Olympic history today. Phineas was the greatest athlete the creatures in the New York State Adirondack Forests had ever seen. He had won five Olympics in a row. Throughout the years, many frogs had won five Olympics but not one had ever won six. Two Buckets Turtle, Phineass best friend and coach, would drive Phineas to greatness and perhaps a world title. Phineas wanted to be known as the greatest frog who ever lived. He had out-swam, out-jumped, out-harrumphed, and caught more bugs than any frog who had ever competed against him.

In fact, no other frog had even come close. Phineas had a simple motto, No other frog will ever defeat me, ever! But his challengers had other ideas, even if it meant cheating to defeat him. Follow Phineas on his adventures to seek fame and glory as the best of the best. Would he be able to achieve what no other frog had done before? Would he find that special place to become, Phineas T.

Barrel III, the greatest frog who ever lived?

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